Asher Update

Lately the weather has been very ‘Spring-like’, and we’ve really enjoyed getting out and about with the little man. It makes it really hard to sit in the library when the weather is so lovely… I’m just a sucker for sunshine. Asher seems to like it as well.

We recently came to the end of our ‘clothes stash’ for Asher. Over the past 8 months, we have bought very little clothing because we were given so much 0-6 month stuff and even several things that he’s been able to wear at 8 months. We have a process where every time we take something out of his drawers that doesn’t fit, we do NOT put it back in the drawer… we put it in the ‘outgrown’ pile. It’s kind of crazy, but just over the past few weeks, the ‘outgrown’ pile has grown by leaps and bounds… meanwhile, his drawers kept getting emptier and emptier until, finally, we were down to 3 or 4 long sleeved onesies and some sweatpants that Candice had bought at Ross in the states!

It’s not that we’ve been against buying clothes, we just haven’t needed to, and we really don’t get ‘out’ much… anyways… here’s his fancy new spring jacket :).


In other news, you can see here he’s in a pretty good crawling position… he’s finally got the full-on crawl established. The only thing is, just about the same time he learned to crawl, he also learned to pull himself up to stand at the couch/coffee table/etc. So now, instead of crawling, all he wants to do is stand up – all.the.time.


Other recent developments include eating (and absolutely loving) yogurt – if you go to the refrigerator while he’s sitting in his high chair and he thinks you’re about to pull out a yogurt, he will FLIP OUT! He can’t get enough.


Also, you might not be able to tell from this picture, but he’s got another tooth coming in, so soon he’ll have 5 teeth! All of his teeth have come in pairs so far, so we’re wondering if the one poking through means there’s another one right behind it. I’ll give you a few more pictures to round out the update, and then I have to go. I’m sitting at the coffee table writing this and Asher is standing up pulling on my arm and entranced by the computer screen and watching my fingers as I type! He keeps pressing the Ctrl key while I type, which is doing very weird things to the computer.




And this is him posing and pretending to be a model for the Baby Gap spring catalog.



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