Birthday Week!

This week is my birthday week and so far it’s been great… but there have been some ups and downs. Let’s cover some of those…

1. The highlight of this week, without a doubt, was last night, when I got to go out to dinner with Candice to one of our favorite places, The Oak Bistro. Some friends of ours stayed at our place while Asher slept (thanks Sarah and Joel!), and Candice and I had an awesome time having a three-course meal and chatting like old times. I had a ribeye steak topped with truffle butter, wild mushroom risotto, and vanilla panna cotta for dessert… it was amazing.

2. One really sad thing happened this morning… I was putting Asher down on the floor, and I was holding him by the thighs… he was sort of sitting down in my arms. Well, just as he got close to his toys on the ground, he jumped for them head first! That’s right, I dropped him :(. I was so heartbroken to see the little guy cry. It wasn’t a very bad fall; I know that he’ll have worse in the future. All the same, he has this little mark on his head and it makes me sad… he’s too precious, I don’t want him to hurt. (Candice calls this his ‘scary spice’ face…also, check out the top teeth coming in!)


3. Another highlight of the birthday week is that I get to take the day off on my birthday :). So I didn’t work today; I just hung out with the fam around the house. We went to eat Mexican food for lunch (yum!), and watched the Biggest Loser. Plus, it’s a be-yew-tiful day today, so we’re going for a walk this afternoon. And to round things out, I bought Asher a new book and we’re gonna read it this evening… it’s about pirates. It’ll be so fun!

4. On the other hand, one of the low points of the week happened just a few nights ago. Not only have I dropped my son this week, but I also dropped my computer! Don’t be deceived, these are not the same on the scale of importance… the computer matters very little in the grand scheme of things. Then again, Asher fared much better after being dropped than the computer did. He’s fairly resilient. Basically, the laptop was open, and it landed face down. So the screen was forced back so far that it cracked the aluminum frame around the hinges. When I picked it up to survey the damage, the internals of the computer seemed to be working fine, but the screen itself was just hanging by a thread because the frame supporting it was cracked. Sad day.

5. For the sake of ending on a high note… Candice has prepared everything for us to have massive, epic ice cream sundaes this evening with some friends! Best.Birthday.Ever.


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