Pictures of LM (little man)

I couldn’t resist sharing a few of these photos. Our Asher is just so much fun these days, quick to smile or laugh at us. He has the raspberry blow down perfectly. Which is totally adorable, unless he has a mouth full of cauliflower and Mama is sitting too close. :)


How did I end up with such a sweet boy? So blessed.


This one is so the grandparents can see his teeth. There are FOUR now! So cute. Not so cute when he bites a chunk out of your arm. Or face, which happened last night. I told my mom and she said, “Paybacks are heck. LOL!” She’s so sympathetic. :) Apparently I was a pretty consistent biter when I was young. Once I even bit my sister on the face and broke the skin… she had to be taken to the doctor. Sorry sis!


Uh-oh you guys. I could be in for it. I’m outnumbered already and just look at these two together! When Collin comes home in the evenings, Asher just giggles, makes a ton of noise and reaches out until Collin picks him up, which makes him laugh out loud. LOVE them.



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