15th April

Collin and I made home-made salsa yesterday and even though it was only 10:30 in the morning, we both stood over the stove and shovelled in the Mexi-goodness that we had created. It was so good; fresh with just a little bit of a kick. I was planning to go to tea (a proper afternoon tea with fancy sandwiches, scones, lemon tarts, etc.) with some girlfriends later in the day, so I had a mid morning snack of Texas-style salsa and a late lunch full of British teacakes. Just trying to keep every area of life in a nice balance, y'all. :)

In other foodie news, we made pinto beans, cornbread and okra this past week and it made me miss my Grandma. While my sister and I were growing up, Grandma would make us this meal every time we went to visit her. And I do mean every.time. Now I am incapable of eating this meal without thinking of her.

Totally not food related, but because I’m obsessed with my son, here’s the obligatory Asher news:
At this moment, he is crawling around the living room, squealing, in just a diaper and t-shirt because he's decided he's just too busy to sit still for some measly ol' pants to be put on him. It's like wrestling an alligator just to get the diaper on. Last night I brushed his hair into a mohawk and taught him how to stick out his tongue. He's becoming a real rebel, my 9 month old.


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