So we don’t forget

Our Asher is over 9 months old now and we feel like time is just flying and he is growing so quickly. Everyday he does something new or funny that we want to be able to remember. Last night, as we were drifting off to sleep, I was telling Collin 3 or 4 funny things Asher had done yesterday, wanting us both to enjoy it all, knowing that our boy will soon be out this baby phase. Usually the only time he will sit still and cuddle with me is when I give him his milk 3 times a day and I really just soak him up during those times. So, for our memories, we’re writing a few things down:

Asher has been using his voice a lot lately with squeals, laughing out loud and lots of whining. Oh the whining. And clinging to our legs as we stand in the kitchen. He’s also figured out how to make a few consonant sounds. Here’s the conversation that has been happening between Asher and me for days now:

“Asher, say Mama. Ma ma ma ma. You’re such a smart boy! Say Mama.”
”Oh, good job, little man. You said Dada. Now, say Mama.”

I’m not kidding you. It’s pretty hilarious. And so, so cute. One day I was feeding Asher dinner at the kitchen table and Collin walked in from work. Asher threw both hands in the air and exclaimed, “Dada!” Collin about lost it. Asher was wrapping Dad around his little finger just a little tighter. We think at that point he was just practicing his new sounds, but now it’s like he’s really figuring out that those sounds belong to his daddy. It’s pretty fun to watch his little brain put it all together.

Asher has also learned to wave this past week! Our back door is glass and he likes to sit in front of it and look out at the back garden. If there are kids playing back there, he will sit for a long time and just watch them while they run around and play. Otherwise, he will sit and watch the birds as they land in the yard and fly off. I’ve been waving to the birds and saying “Hi, birdy!” Finally, I could see the little wheels turning in his head last weekend as he lifted his arm when I started waving. But still no wave. Then we had some friends over for brunch and as they were leaving, we were standing at the door saying goodbye. Eric and Nicki were waving and saying bye, and sure enough, Asher waved! So cute. Collin and I about freaked out, but tried to keep our composure in order to not look like the complete fools that we are in front of our friends. Then we closed the door and giggled and hugged and kissed on Asher.

The other thing that seems to be dominating our days is eating. The boy is just going to town on the food. We have got to get him eating more of the same foods we are eating because I can’t keep up with all of this separate food preparation. Every time I get food out of the freezer for him, I’m running out of something. My list of things to replenish is growing and he’s just eating more and more. The newest items added to his repertoire have been brown rice, grapes and fish. He still really does not like lumps or chunks in his food. He gags A LOT if I try to give him anything that hasn’t been pulsed pretty well with the food processor. They say this is normal, but it really seems to put him off and he often won’t continue eating. So for now I am continuing with the pureeing, and gently encouraging him to eat things less pureed. I’m not fretting, after all, all kids go to college eating real food, right Christy? ;)

Asher is also crawling like nobody’s business, just moving so quickly. He now knows how to climb the stairs, so out came the baby gates. He’s also pulling up on everything… couches, crib, chairs, the back of my legs, even the wall. He’s definitely cruising and moving from one end of the couch to the other. And he’s getting his 6th tooth and the 7th looks like it’s not going to be too far behind.

Sleep is a bit wonky right now as we are trying everything we can think of to get Asher to sleep past 5.30am. I know it’s not THAT early, but for this night owl, it’s early. He takes two solid naps every day and sleeps from bedtime until morning. Occasionally he will wake up in the middle of the night, crying out, and he always goes right back to sleep with a quick pat, usually from daddy. (Seriously, dad of the year award, just for that little blessed gesture of getting up in the night.)

Okay, that’s enough. Any longer of a post and no one will ever read it, not even us! If you’re still reading, you must be Asher’s aunt or grandparent! :)


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