We are realizing that our Asher might need a few more toys in his life. He has two baskets full of things… but mostly it’s all soft toys: bears and loveys and play mats that were given to him as an infant. We certainly don’t have an infant anymore! When we pull out his baskets of ‘toys’, he mostly glances at them, then makes a beeline for a laptop to bang on or a kitchen spatula to chew on. He carried a plastic ladle to church yesterday. Clutched it all morning long in his tiny little fist. But when we went down to the crèche (nursery), he dropped the ladle and busily got to work, playing with all of the fun toys. I know it’s partly the novelty of a bucket of new toys, things he’s never seen before and all. But he was manipulating things, and surprisingly, not chewing on everything.

Today we ran into Toys R Us to pick up a few things for him. But as we walked up and down the isles, I just couldn’t make a decision. Collin was pressing all the buttons, making things light up and play music. I felt like I was on sensory overload. I wanted to go sit in the warm car in the silence.  And the toys, y’all, they were just ugly. Why can’t toys for a 1 year old be nice and cute and clever? Do these types of toys exist? Were we just at the wrong store? And why does a small, play cell phone cost £15?! I really think I need to lower my expectations.

Another indicator that Asher should have more toys: I was talking to my sister and she mentioned that my nephew’s first word was “ball”. I sheepishly admitted that Asher didn’t even have a ball and she, as a coach’s wife, mother of two boys who are already stellar athletes, and the daughter of an athlete/avid sports fan, was APPALLED.

We’re working on it, little man. Hopefully you will soon have something more to play with than the kitchen whisk. :)


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