The weather this week in Cambridge has been amazing! It’s a completely different world here when the clouds are gone and the river, meadows, and colleges shine in the sun. We had about a solid month and a half of rain, rain, and more rain. So when the sun came out this week, everything looked so incredibly green that you would think someone had photoshop’d our city!

Since we know the weather will never last, we try to take advantage of every sunny day by hanging out in the garden as much as possible. Asher is becoming quite the outdoor explorer. He’s chewing on sticks, playing in the dirt, throwing rocks, and doing all the fun things that make mommy nervous. It’s crazy to see him like this and remember him being so tiny. He had a bit of a rough night last night. First, another boy kicked a ball and it hit Asher square in the face. The ball bounced straight back away from his head and Asher, almost in slow motion, went from being a sitting position to being flat on his back with his legs up in the air. The ball wasn’t very heavy or hard, so it didn’t do much damage, but I think it scared Asher pretty good. Later on in the evening, we were getting some of our laundry off the line and we put Asher in the laundry basket, as we have a habit of doing from time to time. One of the people in the garden said something about watching him to make sure he didn’t jump out, but Asher really likes to be in the basket, so I didn’t think he would jump out, and he didn’t. Nonetheless, our neighbor must have foreseen something bad happening… and, sure enough, the handle of the laundry basket broke a few seconds later. One side of the laundry basket, and Asher along with it, went tumbling to the ground. We felt horrible! The little guy was okay, but he had a bit of a fat lip, which looked so pitiful on his tear-soaked face :(. In any case, he’s getting bigger and bumps and bruises are all part of it I suppose.

Our good friends, the Appels, introduced the world to their new baby Paxton a couple of days ago, and a flood of memories from Asher’s early days came back to us. This created a lot of nervous feelings in my gut and made me glad that Asher is now sleeping 11 1/2 hours per night, but it also made me miss having the little guy snuggled up on my chest sleeping soundly.

One fascinating thing that Asher has started doing is dancing. Apparently it is an innate human tendency to dance. There was absolutely no prompting from us, but a couple of times when we were playing music or singing something, we noticed that Asher would start to rock back and forth. The strange thing was that he did it almost without noticing what he was doing! We would laugh hysterically at him dancing, but he wouldn’t pay any attention to us… he wasn’t doing it to put on a show, he was just moving to the beat with a totally serious look on his face :)!

Asher dancing!

We tried to capture the magic on video several times. This one’s great because he really starts to get into it and after a few moves he seems to go into what looks like some break dancing!


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