Asher turned 11 months this week… can’t believe it’s almost been a year. Here’s what we call motor-boatin’. He makes the motorboat sound, sometimes with the assistance of a finger, sometimes not. Sometimes he’ll be riding in his stroller, just motor-boatin’ into town.


He is making us laugh every single day. He’s becoming more animated and opinionated and he laughs often. Yesterday we were both in the kitchen and Asher was playing in the living room. We hadn’t heard him in a few minutes and I said, “He’s quiet… what’s he doing?” Collin jokingly said, “He’s probably halfway up the stairs by now.” We rushed toward the living room, and sure enough, he WAS halfway up the stairs, past our little landing, peering down through the railing at us, giggling. Lesson learned! Baby gates shall now be engaged at all times.



He discovered mom’s sunglasses and thought he was hilarious when he forced them onto his face. The baby drool on the shirt just adds character. :)


Levi’s ad maybe? Lookin’ good in blue jeans.


And this is of him in one of Collin’s outfits from boyhood. Eat your heart out chicas… And look, Aunt Cara, I finally have a ball to play with!


Asher also made a new friend… baby Paxton Appel. Asher was pretty funny, really checking him out, touching his hands and feet. We love Pax! We got a good idea of what it would be like to have two, like in this first picture. My life flashed before my eyes and I’m going to bed grateful for my ONE baby boy. I think we’ll hold off on number two…



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