Little green boat

We bought Asher some bath toys, three little boats, for his birthday. There was an orange boat, a blue boat, and a green one. Today we were walking to the store for some milk. We were on the same footpath/bikepath that we walk on nearly every other day, and sitting in the mud to the side of the path was a little green boat. We both looked at it, then at each other. At the same time, we said, “Is that Asher’s boat?” We tried to think for a minute about whether we were missing the green boat, or whether we had seen the green boat at home anywhere, to no avail… how are you really going to keep track of every single boat? You can’t. There are just too many boats. We probably would have left the boat there, thinking that surely there were a thousand of these boats floating around Cambridge, and this one probably belonged to some other kid. But, it looked so new… and, it was on the footpath about a half mile from our flat, so we took it. Sure enough, when we got home, we found an orange boat and blue boat, but no green boat. We’re still not sure how Asher’s boat ended up there, but we’re definitely certain that we are slowly but surely losing track of more and more things around our house… and there’s one little guy to blame.


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