The weather has been really nice this week. And we LOVE Cambridge when the sun is shining. All year long we complain about the cold, rain, and cloud, so when it’s sunny we try to take advantage of it as much as we can. To that end, we’ve been doing a few things lately that don’t happen very often.

We took Asher swimming for the first time and he loved it! I mean, he LOVED it.


We went to the pool with some friends of ours. They have a little guy called Julian about the same age as Asher, and both boys just giggled and grinned the whole time we had them in the water. After we exhausted them in the pool, we all came back to our flat for dinner. We stuck a little boy on each end of the table with the four parents gathered around the middle. It was a hectic meal with turned over plates, food on the floor and what not, but it was a fun kind of hectic. We all felt like we had accomplished something pretty grand in getting the boys to and from the pool, dinner eaten and down for bed without any meltdowns. It’s funny what seems like an accomplishment these days. :)

On Saturday we decided to get out into the sunshine by going to a National Trust site in Suffolk called Ickworth (we get in free ‘cause we’re members!).


Ickworth is an estate that looks like an Italian palace built in the middle of the English countryside. The guy who built the place was in love with Italian architecture and gardens, so that’s how he roll’d when it came to building his crib. It’s huge, and there is lots of space to walk around and check out the gardens.

After we got back to Tyndale, we took Ashie out to the garden for a swim! There’s a little kiddie pool (that used to be a sandbox I think?) in the children’s play area, so we just filled it up and left it out in the sun for awhile for it to warm up. Asher loved it! Here he is playing with Uncle Joel’s frisbee :).



There were little round indentions about the size of quarters on the rim of the pool, and Asher thought it was fun to suck the water out of them again and again…


… and again…


We had fun watching him play.


Asher’s also walking more and more every day. Which is crazy to watch. He looks like he’s going to fall over with every step, but he’s getting pretty good at staying upright.




Also, mom bought him a pink cup at the store the other day. He has a green one just like it and they didn’t have another one of those, so pink it was, but he doesn’t seem to care. It matches his shirt.


Also, Asher finally started stacking his blocks all by himself this week! I think the highest he’s gotten is four, the fifth one always brings it crumbling down, which he likes.


Also, we ordered a photo book a while back of Asher’s first year. It finally arrived and it’s awesome. We love having the pictures printed! It’s such a novel idea to print pictures :).




Life is tiring but so so good. Watching this little boy grow and learn brings such joy and we’re so thankful for him!


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