The Beach

When the weather is nice, you have to take advantage of it. We had a string of nice days last week, and since we knew it wouldn’t last we thought we should take Asher on his very first trip to the beach! It was a balmy 85 degrees in Cambridge, so we thought it would be prime beach weather. When we checked the weather for the coast, it said the high was only 65. Nonetheless, the sun was shining all day, so it was now or never.

We went north from Cambridge about an hour and a half to Hunstanton, one of the coastal towns that’s popular with the Brits (not the best beach, but one of the closest). There were about a million Brits who had the exact same idea we did, so needless to say the beach was really crowded. All the same, we found a spot and plopped Ashie down for his first play in the sand. As you can see, there were plenty of rocks around and the sand is the wet kind (of course), not the dusty dry stuff that falls off your feet and hands. Asher wasn’t quite sure what to do with the stuff!


You can see that he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt. Well, that’s because even though the sun was shining and it was 85 in Cambridge, the wind coming off the VERY chilly North Sea had a definite bite. Asher didn’t seem to mind, and we were glad we didn’t have to worry about sunburn. It just meant that swimming was out of the question :(. Candice wrapped up in a towel and there were other people there wearing winter boots! No lie.

First things first. Asher proceeded to pick up all the rocks on the beach and hand them to us. “Thank you, Ashie. That’s very sweet.” Then again, “Oh, another rock! That’s great. Thank you.” He’s very good at handing you stuff.


“Check out my beach hat, you guys! It’s so cool!”


Once we gave him the proper tools, there was no stopping him.


Walking in the sand with daddo. And yes, I am wearing shoes on the beach. You can preach all you want, but it was cold and the water was freezing. Plus, my shoes are waterproof so bring on the waves!


Yay for the ocean! Asher liked it very much.


All in all, the seaside in Britain is very disappointing. We were sad it wasn’t warmer, and we didn’t stay at the beach that long. But it was enough to make a memorable summer’s day with the family.


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