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Laura at Hollywood Housewife inspired me to document one day this week (Wednesday) and I’m so glad I did it! I’m always saying I need to take more pictures and now I will be able to look back and see what we were up to on a normal day during this season of life.

Every morning, it’s milk first, a little playtime, then breakfast. Today Asher had mangos and cereal, still in his monster jammies. He’s so cuddly, I could just squeeze him!


We picked up the house a bit and hung our wet laundry to dry. There’s no doubt that when we move to America and have a dryer, there will be much rejoicing! The second picture (below) just cracks me up. Collin has been teaching Asher to “be sweet”, which includes Asher putting his head to one side and batting his eyelashes. Hilarious. We put up our Christmas tree, quite possibly a bit too early, but we just love it and couldn’t wait any longer.


Collin is around the flat a bit more today than usual because he’s preparing to make a last minute jaunt state-side for a conference. He decided to make the trip literally 3 days from departure, so we are scurrying around getting him ready to go and getting us ready to be here without him for a few days. A massive food shop was in order.


Asher has started “helping” us do many of the ordinary tasks around the house, including unpacking and putting away the groceries. We will sit the bags on the floor and he will take out each item, walk to where it belongs in the kitchen, and point and grunt until we take the item from him and put it in the appropriate place. Unfortunately, he thought he should check out the eggs before taking them to the fridge. 


Asher had his lunch (no pictures, due to aforementioned egg incident and grocery clean-up.) Then he was off to naptime. He’s been sleeping a good 2-2.5 hours the past few weeks and we are loving it! He’s all snuggles before naptime.


With Asher down, we had leftovers for lunch while we sorted out our lives for the next week or so. Meals, flights, plans, meetings, etc. Oh, and our oven died, so the repairman came… there’s no “good time” for the oven to go out, I suppose.


Most afternoons while Collin is working, Asher and I join up with some friends and go for a walk. There’s a group of about 6 or 7 girls who go… everyone can’t go everyday, but there’s always a few who meet up. This is possible because we all live within a mile and a half from one another, with the majority of us even closer than that. Sometimes we rush into town if someone needs to grab a pint of milk or loaf of bread, but other days we just take off on a footpath together. You’ve never heard so much chatter in all your life. Topics range from dinner plans to baby schedules (or not) to thesis writing to trusting God. I love these girls!



I hoofed it home by 5pm to get dinner going. Asher LOVES these rice cakes. Yes, you see me about to blast the heck out of some green beans for Asher. I really don’t get it, but he will eat loads of fruits and veg if they are smashed to smithereens. I would, of course, LOVE for him to move on to picking up chunks with his hands, but he just won’t. So the choice is between pureed fruits and veg or no fruits and veg at all. Any suggestions or ideas on this topic would be most welcome!


I put Asher into the bath and then snuck out to go to Pilates for an hour. Collin took over bedtime duty and the little man apparently went right to sleep for him.



These yummy cookies were waiting for me when I got home. Collin cooked them by putting foil over them and using the grill for heat (since the oven isn’t working). The lengths this man will go to for homemade cookies is just beyond. A little tv watching (The Amazing Race on the laptop), emails, blog reading and Facebook time and we were off to bed.




  1. I love this!! We miss you guys so much; especially will miss you at Nana's this weekend for Christmas. Come Home!!


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