Many of you know of our love for salsa. And also of the lack of decent salsa in the UK. We’ve been tackling homemade salsa every few weeks now.

We start with lots of fresh veg, sliced and in the roasting pan:


Then we turn the grill on until the veg starts to look cooked:IMG_1978

If you’re tired of blanching tomatoes for salsa—and let’s be honest, who isn’t?—then you should definitely give this method a shot. Once you broil all of it on a super-high temperature, the tomato peels just slide right off. We kept a few of the charred ones in there for the flavor, but probably took off about half the peels. Then all that’s left to do is blend it up in the food processor with some cilantro, lime juice, and seasonings:


Voila! Enjoy the deliciousness. Taking a picture of yourself while enjoying is not mandatory, but it does make it taste better:



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