18 months

Asher is a year and a half now and is growing up so much. He’s doing new things everyday and certainly understands everything we say. We are trying to soak him up and enjoy his sweetness! Here are a few updates as we want to remember what he was like during this stage.

Asher is not talking yet, but has said several words as a one-off: duck, Papa, LaLa, cheese, bye, Dada, Mama, book, thank you, two, blue, Drew, woof-woof, yeah, banana

He signs: food/eat, more, milk, please, hungry, yes, music, movie, fire, ready, cold, finished, water, cheese, ball, again, apple

Every night before bed, we get him all ready: bath, jammies, diaper, milk, brush teeth, in the sleep sack, grab Tiger (which is named… wait for it… Tiger). Then the three of us lay down on the single bed in his room to sing songs. His favourites: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Skinamarink, Pat-a-cake, Little piece of tin, and, because dad and mom needed a change, old school youth group songs such as Waves of Mercy, Lord I lift your name on high, I like bananas, etc. Here we are doing the motions:


After we sing a few songs, we give hugs and kisses and Asher is so, so cuddly. I turn the light off and lay him in his crib. This is when bed-time turns a bit sour and Asher cries and whines for a while. Every now and then he will go straight to sleep, but mostly he cries on and off for 15-20 minutes before he falls asleep. :(

He loves to help us wash the dishes, put the dishes away, unload groceries from the bags, hang up the laundry to dry and help us cook. And, of course, by cook, I mean stir food right out of the bowl and onto the floor. :) He’s becoming more confident with other people and in new places. He has always wanted to stay close to mama and daddy and is not a fan of being left with anyone else. Today was the first day we’ve successfully left him in the church crèche. Even then he only stayed because his little buddy Paxton was in there with his mama Nicki, who Asher knows and loves. I’ll take it! It’s still a huge step up for him.

His hair is getting longer and longer, and we still can’t cut it. Last night we fixed it into a mohawk… it’s a pretty good look for him :).


It’s hard to believe he’s already a year and a half old! This parenting gig keeps getting more and more fun as he grows… which is a good thing because he’s a stinker sometimes!


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