Passport, please?

Asher and I made a last minute trip to Oklahoma on Friday and I'm happy to report we're still alive! I was a little anxious about flying for 10.5 hours alone with Asher, but the time in the airport turned out to be the hardest part. I had Asher strapped to my back, a large across the body bag slung on and was carrying his carseat in front of me. Consider yourself warned: Heathrow does not have trolleys. The flight went super smoothly -- I was prepared. We bought Asher a few new toys and books, which I wrapped up for him. I had lots of snacks and a few comfort things for him. I really had nothing to worry about... he did so great. He played peekaboo with his blanket, played with his headphones, tried to buckle his seatbelt over and over and LOVED walking the aisles. I didn't end up giving him the new toys and books but he did eat a TON of snacks. He was truly an angel. There were no tears (his or mine!) and the only time he fussed even for a second was when I put him in the Ergo to attempt to get him to sleep and he didn't want to sleep. I put him back in his carseat and eventually told him I was tired and was going to sleepy's house and closed my eyes. He grabbed my hand and held it until he drifted off about 20 minutes later. :) He hadn't napped at all the whole day and finally fell asleep at 8pm (Cambridge time) and slept the last 3 hours of the flight. He woke up as we landed and was in a daze in the Ergo through the very long immigration line. Three very short stories from the immigration line:

1. A gentleman with a very strong Texas drawl of an accent said, "It's like Wal-Marts in here... only got 4 lanes open." I'm not sure if it was the accent or the reference to Wal-Marts that tickled me, but I giggled to myself.

2. Asher and I had the middle two of four seats on the plane, with men on either side of us. I chatted briefly with each of them, but didn't interact much beyond the first few minutes (other than a fist pump when Asher finally dozed off). Later, we saw one of them in line and he said, "Where's your husband?" --confused look from me-- pause-- realizing he thinks the other man was with us, "Oh! He's back in Cambridge... I don't know that man who was sitting next to me." He laughed and said, "Oh, well I guess I have to take back all of my nasty comments. I was just telling my friend here what a lousy husband and dad he was, not helping you with your son at all." My thoughts? Darn! He probably would have been more helpful had he not thought Asher and I were traveling with my "husband"!

3. It was our turn to go up to the immigration officer's window. The young guy started asking the normal questions, "Why were you in the UK? Where do you live? What's your husband studying?" I said theology (while not entirely accurate, it's just easier to say this). The officer looked up from our passports and said, "Studying theology all the way in England? Why? He's gonna be the next pope or somethin'?" I laughed, thinking he was referring to recent current events, and said something about there being an opening. I only got a blank stare back... he clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

Once we got through immigration and I had to strap Asher back into the car seat for our 2 hour drive, he was FINISHED. He was not happy and was letting us know it. It felt like 1am to him so I couldn't blame the poor little guy. But we made it to my mom's house and finally got to bed. Asher was in meltdown mode (hello 4am) and was a little freaked out by the new place so I let him sleep with me. Throughout the night he kept reaching over for me, putting his hands on my face, holding my hand, pulling my arm around him, kissing me and generally being the sweetest kid on the planet. Even though I was exhausted and desperately needed to sleep, I just loved how cuddly and precious he was being. It also reminded me why we don't co-sleep! :) The next day I knew I had to get him in his own bed and he hasn't had any trouble with it at all.

We're finally adjusted to the central time zone, this morning being the first day Asher has slept past 7am. Hooray! We've had lots and lots of good time already with family and we're missing Collin of course, but that's a post for another day.


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