Asher’s 2nd Birthday!

Today was Asher’s birthday. It’s crazy to think that it was two whole years ago when we were welcoming our Ashie into the world. Here are some highlights from his special day.

We had a birthday party featuring water and bubbles. Asher is OB...SESSED with water. He loves everything about it, and if you will agree to water the plants with him (which he asks us to do about a thousand times a day), he will be your best friend forever. Today was a beautiful Cambridge summer day… we set up some paddling pools, invited some friends over, made some lemonade, and had a great time celebrating Asher turning 2 :).

Super awesome shades :) Here is Asher with his two best buddies, Ben and Julian. They played and played and played together this afternoon. At one point during the party, Julian’s mom Amy and I looked at each other and then realized the boys were no where in sight. We finally found them inside in the living room, quietly playing with their toys.



We had the most gorgeous weather today. We love it when we can turn any event into a garden party.



Asher was a little suspicious of the flaming cupcake… I think he was thinking, “Okay dude, the cupcake looks good, but why did you light it on fire?!” I kept thinking we should have rehearsed the “blowing out the candles” bit before the party, but it didn’t matter… apparently, he already knows how to do that :)… he is, after all, a big two-year-old now.


He preferred to take the rest of the cupcake in the pool :)… ahhh, the good life.


We tried to get some family photos, but it was super bright!


One of the hits of the party was the homemade strawberry lemonade in the ice chest… we sliced and de-seeded 32 lemons, poured in several cups of sugar and nearly 2 kilos of strawberries, add about 30 cups water and two bags of ice and you’re good to go for a summer party! Asher was addicted to the lemonade… he couldn’t get enough… I dipped him a cup about every 10 minutes for two hours, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person he asked for lemonade :). The only way his mama allowed this was knowing that he was dumping at least half of the cups into the pool or grass. Still, he had more sugar today than he has had his entire first two years combined!


The great thing about an outdoor party is there’s always a car to drive or a lawnmower to push if things get a little boring in the kiddie pool. IMG_3573



Asher was super pleased with the bubbles… loved it every time he blew on it whether there was a bubble or not!



He saw me taking pictures of the bubble blowing… often when he sees us taking a picture of him doing something, he’ll pause, hold up whatever it is he’s playing with so that we can get a good shot of it, and then keep playing :). Here’s his “be sure to get a shot of my bubbles” pose…


Cambridge is where we started our little family. The three of us have had some pretty great days here and a day like today makes us even more sad that we have to leave. It’s been a precious couple of years with Asher and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


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