Chocolate chip

I wrote an email to my girlfriend in Cambridge tonight, who also has a two year old little boy. And then I realized I wanted to document this hilarious and precious experience, about which I wrote to her:

Hey Amy,

So when are we going to potty train these boys??? Apparently, all my friends with two year olds here are "working on it". WHAAAT?! I was dumbfounded, of course, as we hadn't even given it a thought! I thought surely we would wait until close to 3 years old?? But the past two days I've been asking Asher if he wants to go potty and he's said yes, so I've put him up there, randomly, with no results. Until tonight when he accidentally peed right in the toilet!!! I say "accidentally" because obviously it was just luck... it's not like he held it until he got on there. So now I'm wondering if we really could be "working on it"... oh the thought of not changing diapers!!! Bliss. I have very, very low expectations. I suspect I'll ask him tomorrow and he'll say "no way", which is his new thing. "No way! NO WAY!"

I took him to the Wal-Marts yesterday to hunt for a little toilet seat that attaches to the big toilet. (I am so not into cleaning pee and poo out of a kid toilet, so we are going straight for the real deal.) Anyway, we got to the aisle with the potties and immediately spotted an Elmo seat. Asher is pretty into all the Sesame Street characters at the moment, especially Elmo, so it was the clear winner. It also has dolphins, big bird and the toot-y-mon-ter (cookie monster). Asher was PUMPED. I made a big deal about it and asked if he wanted to buy big boy underwear, and of course he said yes, because he wants to buy everything he sees at the store. He's very proud of his seat and underwear and wanted to show it off to his Daddy first thing when Collin got home.

I've been telling Asher for a few days that when he pees in the potty, he gets one chocolate chip. Let me tell you, this is a STRONG motivation for my wee man (pun intended). Tonight when he finally did it, he looked up at me with a huge grin and simply said, "chocolate chip." :) He was so proud of himself. We did double high fives and double fist pumps.

The thing is- now I don't know if I should go for the full on potty training with underwear and everything? Can he do it at 2 years 3 months? Will it be more trouble than it's worth right now? I really thought it would be a while yet... Advice welcome. :)


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