Asher on the phone

Yesterday I was at my desk working and Asher was playing. Candice was out, and Asher came over to the desk and grabbed a tiny little remote control about the size of a credit card—he held the remote to his ear and said, “Hello, mama!” A few seconds later he said, “Good… at home… okay!” Then it was “and… and… and… mine car…”—as he was pretend talking to his mom on his new “phone” I turned around to watch him. When he saw me staring at him, he stopped talking, lowered the phone to his chest and put his other hand over the face of it as if to “block the microphone”, then he said to me in barely a whisper, “hold on a sec, dada, on da phone.” I about lost it I was laughing so hard. I pulled out the camera and started videoing him. At one point he goes over to the stairs and picks up a little gold “pirate coin” that goes with one of his toys… see what happens… be sure to turn the captions on (the “CC” button).


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