Asher says

Asher is now 2 1/2 years old and growing so quickly! He's quite the little chatterbox lately. Mostly he says, "I play toys... with you!" or "I read books... with you!" and "Talk about my day (or Emme's day or Oliver's day or Daddy's day)." Here are a few recent blurbs from the mouth of our babe:

Collin was working and I was puttering around cleaning up the house. Asher, in a rare moment of independence, was playing by himself. I watched as he stacked up two pillows, ran to the bed for another, then another. When he had a pile of 5 pillows, he stood back, looked at the tower, and said, "Amazing." :)

Asher was playing with my yoga mat. He had it all rolled up and was looking through the hole and said, "Mama, I see you with my yogurt mat!"

When Asher does anything that requires an apology- hurts me on accident (or on purpose!), spills something, etc.- he says, "Oh, I really sorry 'bout that."

Asher is obsessed with books right now. He wants us to read him one book after the other all day long. Collin and Asher were reading a book called Olivia Goes Camping. When Olivia is setting up camp, she hits the tent stakes with what the book calls a hammer. Asher kept shaking his head vigorously saying, "It's not a hammer! It's a mallet!"

Asher is super sweet just before sleep times. Collin was putting him down for a nap a couple of days ago. When Collin picked him up to put him in his crib, he said to him, "Tygee looks tired." Asher looked at Collin and whispered, "Me too," and went right to sleep. One night I picked him up to put him in the crib and cradled him in my arms. He closed his eyes and whispered, "I not a baby." Anytime I attempt to hold him like this or rock him he reminds me that he is not a baby.

Several months ago we went to visit friends in St. Louis and stay with Matt. While we were there Tiffani gave Asher a book called Elmo's Beach Day. When she read it to him, she got to the page with the crab with pinchy claws and then she pinched Asher's nose. That was in November, and even now, months later, every time we get to the crab page, he covers his nose so you don't pinch him. 

Things in Asher's world are quite simple and straightforward: play, eat, sleep, hang out with mom and dad. I'm so glad we are past the baby stage of worrying about eating and sleeping habits and being exhausted all the time. We are in such a fun stage right now and we are soaking it up! 


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