Christmas Eve

Yay! We love Christmas Eve around the Bullard house. This is Asher’s “I’m ready for Christmas” face :).


And here’s our little Christmas crew all decked out for Jesus’ birthday…


We had a full day of fun planned with a few friends. Everything was prepared for holiday merriment: we had Christmas music playing in the kitchen and back-to-back Christmas movies going in the living room. The stockings were hung from the chimney with care (a.k.a: radiator)…


And we had our presents placed ever-so-carefully (not really) around the tree…

We started the festivities early with some awesome cinnamon rolls in the morning. This was followed by some resting (in order to recover from the sugar coma induced by the cinnamon rolls). Then things got a little crazy when all the guys gathered ‘round the Christmas puzzle which occupied BOTH of our coffee tables.


Asher got a few presents in his stocking… of course, he was more interested in eating his presents than looking at them…


He was also more interested in eating the furniture…


And basically anything shiny….


We opened presents, watched movies, chewed on the furniture, and worked the puzzle all while preparing a delectable holiday feast :)! For starters, we had bacon-wrapped dates as a pre-dinner snack (= yum!). We boiled our ham in Dr. Pepper and then glazed it in brown sugar (=double yum!). And we rounded out the meal with cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, roasted vegetable medley, green bean casserole, and sweet tea (a special treat over here).

Candice had the table looking very festive… yes, that is a Christmas tree drawn on my cup and those are cranberries frozen into the ice cubes!


Here’s the girls about to dig in to some pumpkin pie :)


To finish off the day and before settling into a long winter’s nap, we gathered ‘round to hear the story of Christmas. I grew up hearing the Christmas story read from this book every year. It takes the text from the birth narratives of both Matthew and Luke, uses the lovely King James English (“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” – that’s a great line if I ever heard one), and it has big, beautiful illustrations for the kids. I loved this book growing up and have looked for a copy many times before to no avail (it’s out of print). This Christmas my mom was able to find copies for both me and my brother so we could read the story on Christmas Eve with our families (way to go, mom!).

Asher was a precious angel the whole time and liked reading the story with mommy and daddy… here he is holding mommy’s hand and checking out the manger scene. #favoriteChristmasmemories



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