Land of the red man (or woman)

Oklahoma welcomed Candice, Asher and me back with open arms. We flew from LA to Oklahoma City without incident; however, we were on a much smaller plane this time, so the rocking and shaking of the plane was much worse than the transatlantic jumbos we’re used to. I have a habit of feeling very ill on planes during the last 30 minutes or so (though I’ve never actually thrown up), and I had always wondered how the motion sickness would figure into the whole “I-have-to-take-care-of-a-kid” kick that we’re on right now. The answer: better than I expected. In fact, being forced to focus on something else besides getting sick actually might have helped… even though I did have to put my head in my hands for a minute to try to stabilize my aura (polite way of saying, “trying not to puke”).

The first thing I noticed when we got to Oklahoma, besides the accents, was the faint but very real smell of Mexican food on the Oklahoma breeze. You don’t realize when you live there all the time, because you’re used to it, but when you’re gone for a while and come back the whole state smells like Mexican food.

When we got to Oklahoma, Asher got to see his Lala (Candice’s mom) and Aunt Baylee, which he loved very much:



Asher warned me not to take any pictures of him right after a long flight, he wanted to look his best. But I couldn’t resist, and I think I offended him a little bit.

After that, we went to see Asher’s Grandie (my mom), and we played a little bit of dress up with some of my old baby clothes. Check it out…


Basically the whole time we were in Ardmore Asher was being doted on, exhibit A…


Asher also got to hang out with his Grandpa Mike and seemed pretty darn happy about it…


That weekend we went to have Thanksgiving at Nana’s house. We showed Asher the horses… but it was a bit windy outside… this is the face Asher makes when the wind blows in his face. Every.Time.


Asher also got to meet his cousin Gracie… she was very loving and helpful with ‘baby Asher’.


Our next stop took us to Chickasha to see Candice’s dad, sister & crew. Papa was very proud to have all three of his grandsons together.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg of everyone we got to see. It was beyond life-giving to see family, it was such a special time to get to introduce Asher to his family.


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