We are experiencing some amazing weather in Cambridge. Finally, summer has arrived! After days and days and days of rain and grey skies, we are thrilled to see the sun. The people of Cambridge come out in masses to enjoy the sunshine and we are right there with them. Yesterday afternoon, after a failed nap attempt, followed by a catnap in the car, we took Asher to the park. A few months ago we went and when I put Asher in the swing for the first time, he smiled for about 5 seconds and then demanded to get out. But yesterday, he loved it and likely would have sat in the swing for as long as we let him.


Today we planned to go to one of the National Trust sites, called Anglesey Abbey, near Cambridge. It has some gorgeous gardens and lots of green space to enjoy. We formulated our plan, gathered up picnic blankets and lunch for Asher, and set off. Asher took a quick nap in the car on our way there and was ready to play when we arrived.


Doesn’t he look just huge in this next picture? Long legs!




We are hoping to visit several more National Trust sites in the near future… let’s hope this gorgeous weather continues!


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